Album Release
July 20th, 7-9PM
Wing Luke Jam Fest

This project is a journey of reclaiming self and (re)creating home. Deeply reflective and unapologetically emotional, this album captures the process of exploring connections and contradictions as I grow more fully into myself. It is an invitation to witness what I’ve rarely shared in my music, exposing the pain and isolation felt in grieving the many things I’ve lost. The nine tracks capture different elements of my return to self, expressing the rage in reclaiming what has taken from me, and celebrating the ways I have conjured dreams, that of my ancestors and my own, into this world.This is a first solo release for rogue pinay, collaborating with beatmaker extraordinaire Paper Son and musician Richard Arcelo to create a soundscape for this journey. This album features longtime friend and partner-in-rhyme, El Dia, as well as the homies ERA (Sendai Era) and Mo Avery from My Parade.

About Rogue Pinay

Color 02 - FinalBW 02

rogue pinay/ katrina pestaño is a force to be reckoned with, causing all types of ruckus as an emcee, cultural worker and community organizer. with a deep love of hiphop discovered as an immigrant youth, rogue pinay wrote verses as a way to reconnect with their roots and claim space as a queer filipina with a lot on their mind. since 2006, rogue pinay has been inciting love and rage with incisive rhymes and raw delivery.

born in southern mindanao, philippines, katrina survived immigration and assimilation in vancouver washington, finding solace as an emo nerd dreaming of a better life. in seattle, the brilliance of black and brown womxn guided them to their own power. katrina’s artistry is grounded in the collective work and movement building they first encountered through pin@y sa seattle (now gabriela seattle) and the ladies first collective (a project of cara- communities against rape and abuse). in the last decade, katrina has evolved as a writer and producer, weaving in multiple forms of media: counter-narratives of those often invisibilized yet in the front lines of change.

these days, katrina can be found reclaiming space and building up resources for queer and trans people of color with queer the land. they also facilitate BASE, a community self-defense and wellness class, building autonomy and safety for everybody by centering trans and queer people of color and immigrant survivors of violence. katrina’s daily grind at api chaya is supporting the self-determination and safety of survivors of domestic and sexual violence and economic exploitation and building resources for our communities to respond to harm as a means to take power away from police and prisons.

katrina deeply believes that our bodies are sites of resistance– as workers, women, queers, indigenous people, artists, etc. and we must produce art, media and culture that not only reflect our daily struggles but also create the world we want to see.

July 6, 2017
July 4, 2017

Ice Cream Thursdae Vol. 7 – Going Home: A Diaspora Story

Ice Cream Thursdae Vol. 7 – Going Home: A Diaspora Story Thursday, July 6 6p – 9p All ages Free admission
June 21, 2016


Snackmasta (live) by rogue pinay Snackmasta The original Snackmasta remix is a collab with Dakota Camacho and Ispire of Canary Sing. This one is a live version featuring May Tawa Sa Lahat. released August 8, 2010
June 21, 2016

1st Quarter Storm

1st Quarter Storm Mixtape by rogue pinay 1st Quarter Storm 1st Quarter Storm is El Dia and rogue pinay. This mixtape was a collaborative effort featuring Gabriel Teodros, Southern Komfort, Jills Laxamana and Christine Guiao. Mixed by Gabriel Teodros. The full mixtape is available upon request. credits released January 18, 2008.
May 28, 2016

“ready or not” Rogue Pinay ft Presh B

May 28, 2016
the station block party

The Station Block Party

The Station Block Party 2016